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DNR Pest Control is all the ‘buzz’ in commercial and residential pest control. Let us be your extermination destination, and we’ll be sure to issue the DNR order to your pests!

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Dustin Bernhard & Ricky Williams
Chief Pest Officer & Founder of DNR Pest Control

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At DNR Pest Control, our mission is to bring affordable, reliable pest control services to Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.

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Our pest control pros are dedicated to ensuring your property remains critter-free, so you can enjoy peace, not pests.
We offer pest control services for:

General household pest control
German roaches
Subterranean termites
Rodent removal & exclusion
And more!

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Pest spotlight:
Know your invaders.

From common culprits to stealthy infiltrators, discover the pests that may try to make your home their own and learn how to prevent these unwelcome guests from taking up residence.

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